In how many days will I receive my order?

For shipments within Greece it is received in 1-3 business days depending on your place of residence (2-5 days in case of inaccessible areas).


Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order if approved, either by sending an email to or by calling 2341302002. If you do not cancel your order on the day of registration, the shipping process will start and you can now get informed by terms of refunds and changes.


Is it possible to delay or cancel my order?

The delay of the order may be due to a lack of product or a technical issue of the courier company or even incorrect entry of information, in any case you will be informed by telephone. Your order may be canceled if it does not meet the requirements, or it contains incorrect information and there is no communication for confirmation.


How can I track my order?

You can check the status of your order at any time with the shipping number you will receive in your email if your order was registered online rather than by phone. If your order was placed by phone, you will receive an SMS with the shipping number, and you can also call us to receive the shipping code (in the afternoon hours). If you are a registered user, you can go directly to your account.


Can I return a product and if so, what charge will I have?

You can make changes within 14 working days of the date of receipt of your order and if the product has not been used or processed and has the original packaging labels. Be sure to place the product to be returned in an appropriate package. Necessary for the completion of the process is the existence and proof of purchase and any accompanying forms, gifts etc. The offers you the first return free of charge (from order equal to 50 euros or higher). For every second, third, and so on, the charge is four (4) euro.


Prices include VAT?

All listed prices at include VAT, so they are considered final prices.


How can I pay?

For Online purchases and for your phone orders, you can choose the payment method you want. Upon receipt of the products, you pay by cash on delivery to the employee of the transport company. By debiting your credit card in cooperation with Piraeus Bank. Piraeus Bank, guarantees the reliability and security of your purchases through our online store. You can also pay off the value of your order by depositing one of our bank accounts. Detailed information can also be found in the Payment Methods section or by calling us at 2341302002.


Can I order without registration?

You can make purchases either by signing up or as a visitor without registration. In any case, there must be a correct contact phone and email to facilitate the delivery of your order.


Do you have product deliveries abroad?

Shipments are possible for every country in Europe, but the cost of shipping varies and is in line with the courier company's prices.


How do I know more about a product?

If you would like to know more about a product you are interested in, you can send an email to or call us daily from Monday to Saturday 09: 00-14: 30 at 2341-302002.


How can I choose the right size?

Visit the Size Guide on our site. For any clarification, call us at 2341-302002, we will be happy to serve you.


What details do I need to give you my order by phone?

When ordering at 2341-302002 and for your immediate convenience, you need to have the product codes you want to order near you, know your size and decide on the color and quantity you want. Then the basic information for the shipment is your name, telephone number and postal address.


Can I return all products for change?

You can make changes and returns to all the products of the, except for socks, underwear and speedo swimsuits for hygiene purposes.


Is there a guarantee for the products from Fourantzis?

The company is committed to replacing any defective product by the manufacturer, if it occurs, or the product that has been damaged or destroyed during transport by the courier company. Under no circumstances will any change or replacement be made on a product that has been damaged by processing, using improper cleaning or misuse.


Is there security of information when registering or registering credit / debit / prepaid card details?

All information related to your personal information is secured by SSL and 128-bit encryption for secure OnLine transactions. Be assured that the information you use is used to facilitate your smooth and quality service.

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