We are obliged to deliver the items to the address you have indicated within the time specified in the "SHIPMENTS AND RETURNS" section, as soon as you have completed your order (after sending us a confirmation email).

In particular, the deadline will start at 16:00 pm (Europe/Athens time zone) on the day following the completion of the order, with a delivery timeframe of 5-10 working days. Some additional information may be required, so we may ask you to place your order using an active and registered email address and a phone number (mobile, work, home) so that we are able to validate your order and contact you at any time necessary. Shipping costs depend on the total weight of the items you choose and the place of delivery. The delivery deadlines mentioned above are indicative. Fourantzis online store will make every effort to dispatch the parcel within the working days listed as delivery time. We inform you that a 48-hour delay is expected for the delivery of the parcel because, for security reasons, all orders paid by credit or debit card are subject to verification by Fourantzis online store.

Fourantzis online store cannot be held liable for the consequences of delayed delivery or loss of your items by the courier. If the parcel is not received within the specified deadlines, Fourantzis online store will initially contact the courier in order to track your parcel and resolve the problem, which may take up to 15 days. During this period, no refund or re-shipping can take place. If no action is taken within the 15-day deadline, the order is cancelled, so if you have paid by credit or debit card, you will be refunded within 15 days of the expiry of the above deadline. The method of refund will be determined by personally contacting you by email or by telephone, after a written identification of the data involved has been made. In any case, the above cancellation of the order cannot give rise to any liability of Fourantzis online store.


Fourantzis online store cooperates with ACS courier with an estimated delivery timeframe of 5 to 10 working days for shipments in Europe counting as a start date the date of shipment, rather than the date of order.

For all over Europe, purchases of up to € 199.99 are charged with shipping costs of € 15.00, purchases of € 200.00 or more are free of shipping charges. Orders received before 14:00 pm will be shipped on the same day. Orders received after 14:00 pm will be dispatched on the following working day.

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