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FOURANTZIS store is one of the oldest stores in the town of Kilkis - Macedonia Greece, engaged in retailing men's clothing.

It is a business with a long history and a life span of about 100 years. It was established in 1914 by Pantelis Fourantzis, grandfather of the current owners, in the exact same spot that it is operating today....

In the 1970s, Constantinos Fourantzis, seeing the ever-increasing demand for ready-to-wear clothing, manages to identify the market trend and begins trading off-the-peg clothing, mainly suits....

Since 1980, the shop has been trading men's ready-to-wear garments only. Special emphasis is placed on companies that stand for designers’ men's clothing of high quality.

2000 was a landmark year as the shop got completely renovated and the company expanded its activity to include footwear.

Pantelis & Eleni Fourantzis, third generation owners, keep the tradition by preserving the values ​​that have helped the "FOURANTZIS" company stand out as a synonym for quality and customer-centred attitude.

Today, we look forward to new challenges and we partake in the cyber business always trying to keep you, our customers, as our focal point, offering you the same quality services whether you are in close proximity or miles away.

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